Covering Blood after Slaughtering certain animals

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Covering Blood after Slaughtering certain animals

Basic rules

      Having dirt below and above the blood: Beitzah 7b


Covering blood on Holidays: Pesachim 47b; Beitzah 2a, 7b-9a, 9b-10a

Where the blood was ineligible for covering, and then became eligible: Succah 33

The blood of a koy: Beitzah 8a-

A mixture of blood from animals that require and don’t require covering: Beitzah 8

Concern that if one covers a koy‘s blood, people will assume its fat  is permitted, since one may eat the fats of those animals for which blood-covering is a requirement: Beitzah 8b

Mordechai Torczyner’s WebShas


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