About me

I am an Orthdox Jewish veterinarian.  As such, I have constantly felt that I represent a balance between the divergent views of halacha and veterinary medicine.  From university when I had to defend shechita as humane to justifying spaying and neutering pets, I have required halachic sources to prove my case.  It has not been so easy to find what I need, and when I do, I treat it as the precious resource it is.

I created this blog for others who may be in the same situation as I- whether as a pet owner, someone who is not sure if  he/she should eat kosher meat,  or a legislative/halachic authority looking for legal precedents- as a place to gather and disperse information on a little-known topic.

I encourage people to post their own sources or requests for information and I will be happy to address them.  I am by no means a halachic authority, nor am I able to answer halachic questions.  I will atempt to present a broad range of views within halachic Judiasm.


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